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About Us - Overview

Corner of the Sky is a unique entertainment entity launched by former William Morris agent Dave Phillips that is part film & television production company and part corporate "idea" generator.

Dave produced last summer's highly anticipated feature film Evan Almighty (the sequel to Bruce Almighty starring Steve Carell from Universal), as well as Good Luck Chuck, a romantic comedy starring Jessica Alba & Dane Cook from Lion's Gate.

In the Corner development pipeline lie: an exciting family film franchise based on Cedar Fair's ever-popular Knott’s Berry Farm: Halloween Haunt, a remake of the critically acclaimed Something for Joey about Heisman trophy winner John Cappelletti, and The Cleaner, a hysterical comedy which will launch the Our Stories film brand, a new studio Dave is partnered with whose goal is to tap into the urban comedy word.

Known for their big presence each year at the Sundance Film Festival, Dave has always championed the independent mind that wishes to break in to the business. "There's enough room and ideas for everybody."

Going into it's 3rd year, Corner of the Sky will again partner with ZonePerfect® to produce an ambitious televised music special at "The ZonePerfect Bar." The Where Music Meets Film series seeks to introduce emerging musical talent to breaking filmmakers. Past performers have included Josh Groban, Michelle Branch, Jason Mraz , Tyler Hilton, Babyface Edmunds, Joss Stone, Lindsey Buckingham, Joan Osborne, Sean Lennon, Stanley Jordan, Keb Mo, & more.

Corner of the Sky will continue to create films that touch and teach while generating the best possible opportunities for its corporate & individual clients. We are always open to the next great idea. Isn't it time you got into The Corner?




A unique corner where films and creative productions are destined to touch, teach and reach...



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